TECHNOZYME PBA modified Alpha Amylase formulation for Desizing of cotton and blended fabrics at high temperatures
TECHNOZYME PSThermostable Alpha Amylase based Enzymatic Desizing agent for continuous range
TECHNOZYME PSA modified Alpha Amylase formulation for Desizing of cotton and blended fabrics for cold applications
TECHNODES CDA chemical desizing agent in powder form
TECHNOTREAT SSWDHighly concentrated Crypto-anionic scouring, wetting, soaping agent and detergent
TECHNOGEL APExtra powerful, multipurpose, anionic scouring & wetting agent and detergent
TECHNODET NIBiodegradable, low foaming, nonionic wetting agent & detergent with emulsifying & dispersing action
TECHNOPRIME NFPowerful anionic wetting agent with high alkali & high temperature stability
TECHNOMERC LFLowfoaming, powerful mercerizing wetting agent
TECHNOWET PWAPowerful wetting & rewetting agent
TECHNOWET GNonionic wetting, scouring & washing off agent
TECHNOTREAT SRPretreatment chemical for fabric scouring with excellent stain removing abilities
TECHNOSTAB PSTOrganic peroxide stabilizer for bleaching
TECHNOCAT PKConcentrated Enzymatic peroxide scavenger
TECHNOQUEST PDSequestering and dispersing agent for pretreatment and dyeing with dyestuffs containing metal ions
TECHNODEMIN ISIron sequestering agent useful for continuous pretreatment

Dyeing & Printing

TECHNOSOL PLX PLUSLevelling & dispersing agent for dyeing of polyester with anti oligomer properties
TECHNOPRINT FAHigh performance fixation accelerator for disperse printing on polyester fabrics
TECHNOSOL DBCLMultipurpose dye bath conditioner, wetting and levelling agent for reactive dyeing processes
TECHNOKOL ADWDispersant(protective colloid) & chelating agent for cotton dyeing & washing off processes
TECHNOFIX TFFNon formaldehyde dye fixing agent for reactive/direct dyes with shade & tone retention properties
TECHNOFIX CDLVersatile cationic dye fixing agent to improve wash fastness properties of direct/reactive dyeings/prints
TECHNOBUFF PLAcid buffer & pH stabilizer free from polyphosphates
TECHNOSET ADAcid donor for heat setting, dyeing & printing of polyester
TECHNOWASH ASWAcid soaping / washing off agent
TECHNOPRINT RPAPenetrating agent for reactive prints for soft feel and quick & easy gum removal

Finishing Chemicals

TECHNSOFT HT 100Cationic softener in flake form soluble/dispersible in hot water
TECHNOSOFT RT 100Cationic softener in flake form soluble/dispersible in cold water
TECHNOSOFT NI 100Cold water soluble nonionic softener in flake form
TECHNOSOFT CL 100Cationic softener in cake/lump form for all types of fabrics
TECHNOSIL MIConcentrated silicone in microemulsion form for supreme softness, handle & drape
TECHNOSIL MASilicone emulsion with pleasing surface feel and bouncy effect due to elastomeric properties
TECHNOSIL HPMicro amino silicone emulsion with hydrophilic properties
TECHNOLUBE YLYarn lubricant
TECHNOFIN CSPremium softener in paste form which provides extra softness with high gliding properties to textiles
TECHNOSOFT DPCationic softener in paste form
TECHNOLUBE RO-RB Speciality softener ,lubricant, rebeaming & rope opening aid
TECHNOLUBE CMILubricant & crease marks inhibitor for all types of fabrics and yarns
TECHNOLUBE PENonionic softener based on Polyethylene for smooth and bulky feel for regular and resin finishing
TECHNOLUBE HDRNonionic softener & sewability improver for woven & knitted fabrics
TECHNOFIN WFDModified resin for wrinkle free finish & dry feel
TECHNOFIN LF-WFSpecially developed cross linking agent to impart crease resistant & dimensionally stable finish to cellusosics & blends (less than 75 ppm formaldehyde)
TECHNOFEEL NY-HPNon yellowing hydrophilic softener for knits/terry towels
TECHNOBIND APSPowdered blend for stiff finishing application
TECHNOBIND AP-PRAnti pilling agent for all types of fabrics
TECHNOPOL AS-HPPremium product with multi purpose application in finishing like hydrophilic, soil release & antistatic softener
TECHNOZYME BPCellulase Enzyme formulation for Bio-polishing & modification of cellulosics for soft/smooth feel